What color curtains go with grey walls and brown furniture?

What Color Curtains go with Grey Walls and Brown Furniture?

What color curtains go with grey walls and brown furniture?

Hanging curtains around windows is a great way to add some color, elegance, and even make a room appear larger. However, it’s a difficult assignment because the curtains must complement the entire area, from the wall art to the accessories to the furniture. However, depending on the color particularly if it’s brown this may be tough. There may not appear to be many color options for curtains in a living room with brown furniture, but there are more than you might think.

So, what color curtains go best with grey walls and brown furnishings?

It’s fashionable these days to have your walls painted grey. After all, because it is a neutral color, it may bring depth to a room while remaining light. To make their area pop, they can also choose any colors they like to highlight it. People also prefer brown furniture. Aside from that, there are other additional design plans that feature grey walls and brown furnishings.

What colors should you use for your curtains?

The majority of it is determined by other pieces of furniture as well as the general mood and tone you desire. So, what color curtains go best with grey walls and brown furnishings? With your grey walls and brown furnishings, you appear to be able to combine a wide range of colors. However, you must keep in mind that there are other additional factors to take into account.

  1. White Crisps

White is the most obvious color that goes well with a brown sofa. Instead of the harsh contrast of black and white, they interact nicely together and create a comfortable environment. If your brown sofa is in a dark area, white drapes will lighten the space and even reflect some natural light. The color scheme is well-balanced.

  1. Teal-blue hue

Take a look at how lovely these velvet deep teal drapes are against the brown console table to their right. It’s an out-of-the-box combination that looks fantastic. These drapes, as lovely as they are, are best for living rooms with a lot of light because they are so black. You might end up with a dungeon-like living room if you hang them in a dark room and couple them with a darker couch.

  1. The color navy


What color drapes complement a brown sofa, regardless of its hue? Navy blue, like white or cream, goes well with dark brown, light brown, camel brown, and pretty much every other color. Unlike white or cream, however, it also adds color to the area and provides a base for various elements.

  1. Neutrals with texture or a blend

If you don’t like a lot of color or want to go for a more boho style, cream-colored curtains can still work if you locate the appropriate set. Look for something that has a variety of textures or hues of the creams and neutrals you’d like to use. For example, these curtains have a lot of personality but are only available in grey, cream, and black. Curtains that are neutral in color do not have to be dull!

  1. Burgundy

A deep burgundy and brown combo is one of the most beautiful. In a room with a brown couch, burgundy drapes will add warmth and richness to the atmosphere. Your living room will look like a fall forest if you add a rust orange or mustard yellow throw pillow to the mix.

Tan curtains

For a grey wall and brown furniture combination, a tan curtain is one of the best show-stoppers. Decorative mirrors in a copper color on the opposite wall and a tan area rug will help to elevate your interior décor even more. When you combine all of these elements, you may create a relaxing natural atmosphere in your home.

  1. Teal drapes

Grey interiors with brown sofas, dining tables, and stair treads are prevalent in many modern-themed settings. Teal curtains can be draped on the large-framed windows to create a simple design that leads the eye to the end of the hall. To add a delicate touch to the tables, pair it with a mix of teal and grey ceramic vases.

  1. For a vibrant autumnal vibe, use yellow curtains

If you want something to break up the monotony of your grey walls and dark furnishings, try hanging yellow curtains on your windows. With your brown furnishings, this can produce a sort of autumnal look. It’s just that it’s brighter. This color has the ability to make a room feel more cheerful. You can even pair it with teal highlights; we found an interior where yellow curtains with teal accents look great.

  1. Traditional and contemporary style with brick-toned curtains

Brick is a reddish-brown color that goes well with brown and grey, but is a little darker. Because of the heavier brick tone, it will absorb some brown tones. If you give it a shot, you’ll see how the two may work together to create an attractive style. This might result in a look that is both modern and classic. To complete the effect, you can add brick-toned accent items and throw pillows to your sofa.

  1. For a bold look, choose black drapes

When choosing curtain colors to compliment your brown and grey scheme, you probably wouldn’t consider black curtains. In some interior ideas, though, it genuinely works. The combination of brown and grey may be both seductive and eye-catching.

That’s the end of the story

In the first place, grey and brown are a dangerous combo. However, because grey walls can make a space appear dark, additional light may be required. Lighter colors of curtains would be a good choice when choosing a hue. Aside from that, there are many other colors of curtains to choose from. You now know what curtain color goes with grey walls and brown furnishings.


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