How to hang lights on deck railing

How to Hang lights on Deck Railing

How to hang lights on deck railing

A warm and inviting environment is created by string lights hung above a deck. The lights’ soft glow is both peaceful and practical, illuminating your outside space with light and a relaxing atmosphere. String lights on your deck are a breeze to install. You’ll have your hanging string lights up and running in no time with the appropriate materials and a little effort.

With the help of patio lights, you can transform your dreary, underutilized outdoor spaces into a nocturnal sanctuary. Hanging patio lights in the backyard, on the deck, or inside a gazebo or pergola is a terrific way to add ambient landscape lighting for everyday use, parties, and outdoor events.

Basic Instructions for Hanging Patio String Lights

Make a rough drawing that includes measurements. If necessary, erect your poles. Hang this first if you’re using guy wire. By eliminating the stress that is formed on the string as your patio lights dangle over time, using a guy wire can extend the life of your light strings. Light strings may need to be strung through guy wire before being hung in some cases.

Place the male plug nearest to your outlet on the first patio light string.

On deck railings and other structures, use zip ties or hooks between each bulb as needed. Attach the strings to the guy wire as you go, if applicable. If you’re using multiple light strings, finish the first run, then connect the male end of the second string to the female end of the first, and repeat until all strings are in place! If your light string lacks end-to-end connectors, connect your second light string with an extension cord and hang your patio lights. Keep in mind the maximum wattage when hanging incandescent patio lights and, if required, switch to a different outlet to avoid power outages. Enjoy the ambiance by turning on your patio lights.

Patio Lights: Where Should They Be Placed?

  • Across the deck or across the backyard
  • dangling from the railings of the deck

If there aren’t a lot of options for hanging patio lights in your yard, you might have to make your own. Lights can be hung from deck railings with poles or directly from the railings themselves. Wires may need to be attached to trees and poles sunk into the earth for bigger backyard installations. Use the DIY method to cement poles into painted buckets or beautiful pots in smaller patio settings when there are no existing surfaces to hang lights.

String Lights hung from the ceiling

Hold the lights above the deck and draw a line where support posts will be required. The first step in hanging your lights is to arrange them out along your deck in the locations where you want them to go. Hold them up to discover where you’ll need to provide assistance. Mark where you will need to attach support posts with a pencil or a piece of painter’s tape.

To keep your string lights in place, space them out 8–10 feet (2.4–3.0 m).

  • Help hold the lights above your deck with another person.
  • Allow for little slack in your string lights before hanging them.
  • Ensure that the plug is in close proximity to a power outlet.

String lights can be hung using furring strips or thin wooden poles

Furring strips are little posts that measure 1 inch (2.5 cm) by 2 inches (5.1 cm) and can be used to hang light items such as string lights. However, you are free to utilize any type of wooden post. Simply utilize posts that are wind and rain resistant. Also, ensure that you have adequate posts to hold your lights.

Furring posts and other wooden posts are available at your neighborhood hardware or home improvement store.

To complement your deck, paint or stain the posts.

You’ll want the posts to match or complement the color of your deck since they’ll be attached to it. Painting or staining your deck posts helps reinforce them and help them endure longer, whether you want them to fit in or stand out. Allow for complete drying of your posts before using. Use only outdoor rated paint or stain. You can remove the paint and then restrain or repaint your posts if they are already stained or painted.

To the ends of your posts, attach cup hooks.

Before you install them on your deck, attach them to your posts. On the end where the lights will be hung, screw a cup hook. To make a hole in the post, you can either use a power drill or manually screw the hook in. Ascertain that the hook is fully inserted and securely fastened in the post. Cup hooks that match your deck are a great option. You can choose from gold, silver, and other colors. They’re available at any hardware shop.

Place the posts in the designated areas on your deck.

As long as the posts are securely secured, you can screw or nail them in place. To hang your string lights evenly, measure the height of your posts and make sure they are all the same height. Depending on your preference, you can put them on the inside or outside of your deck. If you’re going to use furring strips, make sure you do so with care. Under the impact of a hammer or drill, they can break.

Using the hooks attached to the poles, hang your lights.

It’s time to hang your lights now that your supports are in place. String the lights from post to post, keeping the plug close by. Allow them to dangle a little freely so that they can sag a little when exposed to the outdoors. Plug them in to enjoy them whenever you want after they’re connected.  While you’re attaching the lights, keep them disconnected.


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