How to decorate pool with balloons

How to Decorate Pool with Balloons

How to decorate pool with balloons

Pool parties are typically linked with balloons, but this does not have to be the case. If you do have a summer birthday to celebrate, you won’t be able to find a more appropriate location than a pool. Balloons can brighten up your party’s atmosphere and may be used in games and other activities. However, you should exercise caution while playing with balloons in or around the pool, since little fragments of latex from popped balloons can quickly become lodged in the filtration system. As a result, you should avoid any activities that involve purposely popping balloons such as water balloon tossing and you should always check with your property owner or management before using balloons in any community pool area.

Keep this in mind as you peruse these pool party décor ideas with balloons:

  1. Decide on a colour scheme for the pool area and purchase water balloons in that hue or a colour that complements it. Neon-colored water balloons, for example, would look nice in the water if the decorations around the pool were bright pink, blue, or green.
  2. Fill the balloons with varied quantities of water to create a variety of sizes. If you overfill a balloon before putting it in the water, it may explode.
  3. Before your guests arrive, throw balloons of all colours and sizes into the pool. If you put the balloons in the water too soon, they may shatter, especially if it is hot outside.
  4. As soon as the event is over, remove the balloons from the water. Alternatively, guests can gather the balloons in a container and play a game outside of the pool with them.

Make balloon lights that float around the room.

This is a tip we previously discussed. It is, however, ideal for pool parties, and we feel compelled to give it another go. You can make luminous balloon lights by putting a tiny glow stick inside a balloon before inflating it. You may even replicate this technique with helium balloons and make floating, glowing decorations that can be set at the property door to let guests know they’ve arrived at the correct area if you can get small enough glow sticks. Finally, when glow stick balloons are inflated and placed in the pool, they provide colourful and festive pool lights, which assist to extend the celebration deep into the night. Latex gloves may also be used in place of balloons to create one-of-a-kind, hand-shaped lighting that will make your guests look twice.

Have some fun with the buoyancy of the balloons

As previously indicated, you should only place balloons in the pool with the consent of the property management, but if you are able to obtain permission, this is a decorative concept worth considering. Fill a few water balloons with different quantities of water. Blow a little air into each one before tossing them into the water. The various quantities of air and water in each balloon will lead them to float at different depths in the pool, causing them to float at different depths. You may also add some illumination if you’d like to use the glow sticks from the prior advice.

Decorate using children’s flotation devices

There are several kinds of balloons. Replace conventional balloons with children’s floaties for a twist on tradition. Even if your pool party isn’t geared at kids, sprinkling your standard décor with a range of modest floatation devices will help get your visitors in the mood. Also, if there are any youngsters around who aren’t quite confident in the water, having some fun floaties on hand can help keep things fun and safe.

Create light columns with balloons

Making light columns with balloons is an amusing way to include balloons into your pool-party décor without having to worry about latex parts getting stuck in a pool filter. A 6′ wooden dowel, a long string of lights, and a bag of transparent balloons are all you’ll need to create light columns. Drive the dowel deep enough into the earth or deep flower pots filled with gravel if there isn’t any bare ground near the pool to ensure that it is firmly secured. After that, inflate your transparent balloons and string the lights up and down the dowel’s length. Tape the balloons to the dowel in such a way that they almost completely cover the surface. Connect the lights and have a great time!

Make a balloon arch out of helium balloons

When throwing a pool party, the pool will undoubtedly be the main attraction. As a result, any decorations you choose should focus on the pool. A balloon arch is a simple technique to accomplish this. Simply tie one end of a strand of fishing wire to one side of the pool and the other end to the other, leaving plenty of slack in the wire. Attach helium balloons to the wire all the way down the length. When the balloons are released, the wire is pulled upward and out of the way, producing a bright and joyful arch.

A floating cooler should be available

It may be a big pain to have to get out of the pool to fetch something to drink while you’re having so much fun. Rather, use a floating beverage cooler to transport your drinks into the water. Simply buy a medium-sized plastic storage bin with a lockable lid, nylon rope, and a standard-size pool noodle about 5′ long. Cut the noodle into four pieces to match the lengths of the sides of the storage bin and then string one piece per side of the plastic container with the nylon rope until it is secure. Finally, half-fill the container with ice and add a couple bottles of your favourite beverages. The container should float in the water if done correctly, making it simple for anybody to drink while swimming.

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