How to decorate bed with no headboard

How to Decorate Bed with No Headboard

How to decorate bed with no headboard

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, having a bed with a headboard may seem natural, but there are many more options for making something more distinctive and interesting. There are many of ways to liven up a large blank wall, whether you’re on a budget, renting your space, or simply want to be different. A headboard can make a room appear smaller or larger, invigorate it with color, or provide it with elegance and dignity with a black velvet cover. Headboards made of wood are not new and have been around for a long time.

Upholstered beds are lovely and fashionable, but they aren’t for everyone’s budget. However, some people may associate a bed pushed up against a simple, blank wall with dorm quarters. Is it possible to have a classy bedroom without a headboard? Yes, you read that correctly. To make your bedroom look nice, you don’t need a costly bed with a large headboard. To create a focal point, forgo the headboard and instead hang something else above the bed.

Tapestry for the wall

Hang a gorgeous wall tapestry to create the impression of a headboard and add color and texture by using a curtain rod or simply a few of tacks. Urban Outfitters’ fun version would bring a vibrant graphic touch to the space. What’s better than relaxing at home, snuggled up in your bed, watching Netflix?

Window frames from the past

Some damaged window frames might be excellent if you’re going for a more farmhouse, vintage aesthetic. These can be found in thrift stores, antique stores, or even a salvaged construction supply. A four-piece arrangement stretches almost to the ceiling and adds interest to an otherwise uninteresting bedroom.

 Large Mirror

A huge mirror, for example, can provide just the appropriate amount of flair to the space over the bed. A round mirror, like this one from Architectural Digest, works well and provides contrast to the rectangular-shaped bed. Reflecting light from windows or bright locations nearby, mirrors add lighter to a room.

Artwork that is oversize

Another elegant look is to hang a huge piece of art above your bed. The artwork above serves as the major focus point, with pillows piled against the wall creating the idea of a headboard. A soothing scene for a relaxing bedroom is a beach view or an abstract landscape.


Long, narrow shelves can be used to display artwork or accessories, and they can also be used to hang sconce lamps. If you’re a picky decorator, shelves are always a good choice; you can experiment with a variety of configurations and change them up anytime you get tired.

A Gallery Wall with Paint

Although the bed in bedroom has a headboard, this gallery wall, with the painted backdrop behind it, may serve just as well as a defining element for a bed without one. For a magical backdrop, use curtains and fairy lights. Using curtain fairy lights and sheer fabric, this style produces a dreamy appearance that I love.

A Painted Circle encircles the bedhead

To reproduce this look, all you’ll need is a can of paint and a few inexpensive items. A painted circle behind the bed is a fantastic idea. Despite the presence of a headboard in this other case, the pink circle can easily stand alone.

Without a headboard, There Are Many Ways to Decorate

To create a warm and appealing bedroom, you don’t need a headboard. You can make a lovely, economical alternative with a little effort – keep reading for 8 inspiring options for decorating your room without a headboard.

Apply decals to create a quick fake headboard

A wall decal is a new, creative way to personalize your home.  Simply choose a bed position, apply the decal, and you’re done.

Molding can be used to make it appear real

A simple faux headboard can be made from of decorative wall molding from your local home improvement store. For maximum impact, pair the molding with a brightly colored wall.  Some Homes features a crown molding frame and strong accent color in the master bedroom.

Beautiful fabrics should be displayed


To add color and texture to your bedroom, hang a beautiful piece of drapery or vintage textile from a curtain rod fixed to the wall over your bed. For a more eclectic aesthetic, choose a suzani or Moroccan bridal quilt.

A folding screen needs to be unfolded

Any artistic folding screen, whether made of carved wood, woven rattan, or fabric, can be transformed into a stunning headboard?

An old set of doors can be used

At the flea market, did you notice a pair of antique wooden doors with a lovely patina? Sandwich them between your bed and the wall to serve as an alternate headboard just remember to tie them to the wall beforehand if the doors are particularly heavy. Crown stone Maplewood, by McCaffrey Homes Plan: ornamental paint for a boys’ soccer room. Make stripes with the paintbrush. Paint racing stripes from the wall all the way up to the ceiling, as shown in this vibrant McCaffrey Homes boy’s room. To achieve sharp, clean lines, use painter’s tape.

Create an accent wall by painting or wallpapering it

Even if you don’t have a headboard, a single accent wall in a rich color or gorgeous wallpaper might help draw attention to the bed. Use a textured grass cloth wallcovering in a color that matches the other walls in the room for a sophisticated look.

Large pillows and artwork help to fill the space

Put two huge Euro-size pillows on your bed and hang artwork on the wall above to make the most of what you have. If you get the desire to redecorate, all you have to do is switch out the shams and artwork for a quick makeover.

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