How to decorate a small balcony on a budget

How to Decorate a Small Balcony on a Budget

How to decorate a small balcony on a budget

Balconies and patios in apartments are desirable features that allow you to extend your living area into the great outdoors. With the approach of summer’s pleasant weather and the growing number of work-from-home orders, having a comfortable and elegant outdoor living area has never been more crucial. You may use your tiny balcony ideas in any place, no matter how large or little it is. Your balcony or patio may be transformed into a sleek, inviting outdoor environment by concentrating on utility and aesthetics.

Budget-Friendly Apartment Balcony Concepts


What will you do with your outside area? Do you like to unwind with a nice book and a bottle of wine, throw parties and eat al fresco, or exercise your green thumb by planting a small garden? Maybe it’s a mix of all of the aforementioned factors. Avoid spending money on stuff you don’t need by thinking about how you’ll use the space.


How do you want to decorate your balcony or patio? Are you envisioning a beachy look with pastel colours and nautical stripes? Perhaps you’d like to go for a boho appearance with plenty of different textures and colours? Perhaps you like a more contemporary look, with clean lines and monochrome colours? Whatever path you take, having a distinct style in mind can help you make decisions and purchases.


What is your financial commitment to this project? If you don’t plan ahead of time, things might quickly spiral out of hand. You’ll make more careful purchases if you have a budget. Also, remember that you do not have to purchase everything at once. Save up for that one of a kind item and incorporate it into your decor later. For starters, the materials you pick for outdoor furniture are crucial, as they may mean the difference between a damp mess and a long-lasting investment. Resin wicker, wrought iron, teak, and plastic are all durable materials that can withstand the weather. Aside from furnishings, there are a few more features that can help your balcony stand out. Plants are an excellent way to brighten up a room.

On a balcony garden, you may grow flowers like geraniums and begonias, as well as tough plants like bamboo and fresh herbs. The selection of outdoor plants is extensive; however, before making any judgments, keep in mind your hardiness zone and the amount of light your balcony receives. It’s also possible that privacy is a factor. Total privacy may seem difficult to have if you live in an apartment or a small town. However, there are a number of strategies that might assist you in saying goodbye to nosy neighbours and reclaiming more personal space. Instant remedies include tall plants, climbing vines and bushes.

Fabric hangings and weatherproof fabrics are great for sealing off your area and offering some much needed shade. Privacy screens are available in a variety of materials, including metal and bamboo.

  1. Plenty of room for everyone

Why not incorporate an eating and lounging area if you have the space? This balcony includes plenty of sitting as well as a comfortable outdoor mat and pillows.

  1. A Vertical Affair

Do you have a limited amount of room? That’s OK. By thinking beyond the box, you can still personalize what little space you do have. Instead of spreading pots across the floor, stack them to make a vertical garden. Space-saving options include nested tables and hanging plants.

  1. A balcony with a twist

This Bay Area balcony is unique because of its vibrant, eclectic combination of designs. The warm colour scheme is evocative of the 1970s and is set off by the lucite chairs. The rug, planter, and chiminea, on the other hand, give the room a soft Mediterranean feel. It’s the ideal mix of eccentric, sophisticated, and relaxing qualities.

  1. An outdoor place that feels like it belongs in the jungle

The magnificent arrangement seen here may easily be mistaken for an inside design, yet it was designed specifically for outdoor usage. The plants add a sense of calm, while the hanging circular mirror and orange marble tiles add a unique touch.

  1. The balcony is sleek and simple

If you just have a little area, opt for a minimalist style with a small outdoor table and chairs set like this one from IKEA. All you need now are some seat cushions and some plants to complete the look.

  1. Stunning carpeting

What’s all black and white and insanely chic? We love how the rest of the décor complements the glossy black and white tile floor.

  1. Include all floras in your life

Plants are the most important ornamentation on this vivid New Orleans balcony. “I started with just a few plants here and there, but then had the wonderful idea to turn it into an entire plant-filled patio for a little quiet and an outside escape,” resident Danielle Lindsey recalls.

  1. Ethereal components

Canopies are not just for the bedroom, as you can see. When put on a balcony, they may actually give off a whimsical feel.

  1. Greens are stunning

It’s no secret that a balcony is a great spot to show off your green thumb, but we dare you to go beyond putting your petunias in a planter. Plants were beautifully strung from the balcony railing of Elizabeth Tulipana’s Chicago apartment.

  1. Charming cosiness

Do you want your balcony to have the same level of attention to detail as the rest of your home? Add unique touches to your space like this Houston “tree house.” This is one outdoor location you won’t want to leave thanks to the strategically positioned shutters and delicate garland.

  1. Take some time to relax

You’ll be spending a lot of time on your balcony throughout the summer, so make it as comfortable as possible. Trent Hultgren’s striped hammock is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever seen.

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