How to Clean Velvet Furniture Fabric

How to Clean Velvet Furniture Fabric

How to Clean Velvet Furniture Fabric

Velvet furniture, despite its elegance, can be difficult to keep clean. Velvet, on the other hand, seems to be harder to clean and preserve than other textiles or materials. So, how can you make sure your velvet furniture stays in good shape for years to come? Consider the type of velvet you want to use first: “While both cotton and synthetic velvet are lovely, we recommend synthetic velvet for customers who have children or dogs since it is easier to maintain.” It’s a no-brainer when it comes to cotton velvet.

The interior design of our home reflects our inner self. Velvet is a material that only a few dares to wear. If the occasion arises, however, purchasing a velvet sofa will completely transform your living space. Its velvety shine, rich color, and inherent elegance are impossible to ignore. Velvet, on the other hand, has such a strong presence that any stains or blemishes would stand out more. Once the sun shines on a velvet couch, a dusty flat can’t be concealed and those unpleasant, allergy-inducing particles can’t be covered once the sun shines on a velvet couch.

Spills should be cleaned up immediately

Spot-cleaning velvet upholstery has a huge impact. Garred cautions against using a clean, absorbent cloth or paper towel to pat or rub spills. It should look as good as new if you catch it early enough.

Steaming is a good habit to get into

Because velvet has a greater pile, it tends to compress when subjected to extended tension, resulting in a wrinkle or a white stain, according to Garred. Steaming velvet keeps it clean and prevents it from compressing “She clarifies. Make sure your steamer is set at low to avoid damaging the cloth.

It’s a good idea to keep a vacuum cleaner on hand

Garred recommends vacuuming your velvet upholstery on a regular basis in between spot cleaning and steaming treatments to keep it looking new. It’s as simple as using a fabric attachment to clean the furniture on a daily basis to remove any dust, crumbs, or lint that has accumulated,” she explains. By vacuuming gently, you can avoid wearing the cloth.

Make a cleaning solution that is gentle on the velvet

Garred recommends combining a drop or two of dishwashing liquid with a cup of water for tougher spills and stains. Simply shake the bottle to create frothy bubbles, then take your cloth and soak it only in the suds,” she adds.

Upholstery cleaner should be used to clean velvet furniture

Cotton or polyester velvet may be cleaned with upholstery cleaners like Woolite. Use the cleaner on an area of the sofa that isn’t visible, such as the back or the underbelly. Examine the substance to see if it discolors or has an impact on it. Use a soft sponge to apply the upholstery cleaning to the velvet, avoiding the pile. Vacuum and brush the velvet a couple times after washing it to keep it looking fantastic. Woolite also sells foam with a built-in brush that can be used to clean furniture.

Cleaning velvet furniture with a wet technique

Using a paper towel or cloth, soak up any liquid spilled on the velvet. Check to see if the cloth is clean and free of food or trash. In a bucket, combine a small amount of dish soap with water until suds form. Soak a towel in sudsy water and gently wipe away the stain. Blot the place with the sudsy cloth until it is no longer visible. It’s critical to allow the velvet fabric to dry quickly. To speed up the drying process, use a hair dryer or a fan.

Cleaning velvet furniture with a dry method

If the fabric is wet, absorb the moisture with a paper towel or a soft cloth. Using a sponge, wipe the location with dry cleaning detergent several times. Allow the cleanser to dry entirely on the fabric before drying it with a hair dryer or a fan. If the velvet appears matted, gently unmold it with a gentle brush.

What is the Best Way to Clean Velvet Furniture?


  • Vacuum
  • absorbing substance
  • Use soap and water or an upholstery cleaner to clean your furniture.
  • Brush with a soft brush.
  • On the fabric, vacuuming is done.

Do you recall the irritating dust particles we discussed earlier? To keep the item in good working order, all you have to do is dust it. “Regular vacuuming is advised,” Anne says.

 Spills should be dealt with properly

If a friend spills their drink on your couch, White recommends washing it up with a clean, dry absorbent towel as quickly as possible. After that, we suggest relocating the person to a different room in your house. No one wants to be the unfortunate recipient of a party foul.

Assessments of products

If you can’t face the notion of removing a dried stain, test any cleaning agent on an inconspicuous area first to assure it won’t harm the fabric. To make a sudsy solution, combine soap and water. After blotting the stain with suds on a soft towel, let the item to dry completely.

It’s a good idea to brush the fabric

Use a light, dry brush in the direction of the pile to restore the direction and loft of the velvet, Anne suggests. As a result, the velvet will appear to be fresh new and untouched.

Seek expert assistance

Seek advice if you’re unsure. To keep the color consistent, get the entire piece professionally cleaned,” Anne suggests.

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