How to clean beauty blender with dish soap

How to Clean Beauty Blender with Dish Soap

How to clean beauty blender with dish soap

The Beauty Blender is a multi-purpose cosmetic sponge that can be used for foundations, BB creams, concealers, and just about anything else in your makeup bag. However, follow this three-step technique to get the most out of your beauty sponge: dripping wet, squeezing tight and bouncing. The Beauty Blender transformed our life. True, cosmetic sponges have always existed, and makeup professionals swear by them but it wasn’t until the wonderfully poofy pink body debuted in 2003 that we all witnessed the BB’s miracle.

If you’re like me and use your Beauty Blender on a regular basis, you’re probably wondering if you can wash it with soap. Here’s how to clean your favourite cosmetic tool using household items. When Beauty Blenders are moist, they expand into a big, soft sponge, which is ideal for makeup application. However, the wet atmosphere, when combined with the oils from your fingertips and regular, everyday handling, creates an ideal breeding ground for germs.

A Beauty Blender isn’t supposed to live forever, no matter how well you clean it. The lifespan of a sponge is barely three months, according to, even with frequent washing. I recommend cleaning your blender once a week if you use it every day. It’s entirely up to you whether you clean it every day after usage. It’s simple to clean before each use, and your BB will be moist and ready to use right out of the box. As is customary, the cleaner your instruments are, the fewer bacteria you will transfer.

Dishwashing Liquid

Fill a basin or sink halfway with cold water and four tablespoons of cleanser before cleaning your beauty blender. Start squeezing your sponge into lather after it has been submerged. The sponge will soon be dripping with makeup and other disgusting stuff. Continue to wash and rinse until the sponge is completely clean and only clear water remains. Then, using a towel, wring off any extra water. You may now use or store it as you like.

Soap Cleaning for Your Beauty Blender

To keep your makeup sponge squeaky clean, you’re going to need more than just plain H2O. To put it another way, soap will be required. The Blender cleanser Solid and Liquid Blender cleanser are two of Sibelius’s favourites from the company. Rinse vigorously as the suds begins to alter colours due to the makeup evaporating from the sponge. Examine your Beauty Blender; if it still seems discoloured, repeat the procedure; the solution is so delicate that you may use it on a regular basis without harming your sponge.

If you’d rather use a liquid cleaner, moisten the sponge and spray some cleanser directly onto it, just like you would with solid soap. Give your sponge a bubble bath if it’s really clogged. Fill a cup halfway with water and a couple of drops of soap, then soak the sponge for a minute or two. Then, using your fingers, gently massage in a bit extra cleanser before rinsing it off. Scibelli recommends Johnson’s Baby Shampoo if you don’t want to use one of the brand’s specialist cleansers. Is there another viable alternative? Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap is a mild, multi-purpose liquid cleanser.

Microwave Instructions for Cleaning a Beauty Blender

Nuking your makeup sponge is a quick and easy way to clean it with no effort, similar to putting dishes through the dishwasher or throwing your clothing in the washing machine. Not to add that using the microwave to disinfect and eliminate germs and bacteria is a terrific idea. Simply follow these instructions to avoid melting your favourite Beauty Blender.

To begin, dissolve a few drops of liquid soap in a cup of water please use a microwave safe cup. Enough of the mixture should be left to thoroughly cover the sponge. Place the sponge in the cup once it has been wetted under running water. Microwave on high for 60 seconds and then remove and cool. That soapy water will now be a rainbow of hues, and your Beauty Blender should be as good as new. Remove the sponge, rinse it under running water, and allow it to dry thoroughly after the now-dirty water has cooled.

Using Oil to Clean a Beauty Blender

When it comes to skincare, the notion of twice washing is quite popular, and the same concepts apply to cleaning your Beauty Blender. The fundamental premise is that oil decomposes into other oils. When applying full-face makeup, using cleaning oil beforehand can help dissolve the oils in the makeup more efficiently. This is also true for a cosmetic sponge, so this is a good way to clean them if they’re heavily burdened with makeup.

Begin by massaging a few drops of oil coconut oil is one nice choice into a dry sponge until the makeup begins to come off. Then, as part of the double cleanse, use one of the soap choices we suggested earlier to remove any lingering remnants of makeup while also helping to rinse away the oily residue.

Use dish soap and baking soda to clean a Beauty blender

Put a drop or two of dish soap straight on the beauty blender for very unclean places to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned. The beauty blender should be rubbed all over with it. Because the baking soda won’t lather, the bb will be a bit hard, but the soap will help it suds up.

Beauty blender is different from a sponge

The Beauty blender and a latex sponge have a number of differences. According to Allure, the Beauty blender’s hydrophilic substance soaks up water. Before used, beauty blenders should be soaked in water. This allows the sponge to absorb less foundation, resulting in a pore less, airbrushed appearance.

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