how to clean beauty blender with blender cleanser

how to Clean Beauty Blender with Blender Cleanser

how to clean beauty blender with blender cleanser

Your Beauty blender is your makeup BFF, if you’re anything like us. Whether it’s concealer, foundation, or highlighter, you probably use it for just about everything. The best approach to ensure a long and productive life for your sponge is to keep it clean. How to Care for a Makeup Blender Any of our blender care products are the most effective way to clean your beauty blender. The good news is that cleaning a blender is a lot easier than you might imagine.

Forget about the microwave hacks and the vinegar hacks. The product is also suitable for use with makeup brushes. To assist break up stubborn stains, use the keep it. Clean scrubbing mitt. We recommend the insta clean quick-cleaning spray for spot cleaning and moving between solutions.

Blender cleanser for beauty blenders

Beauty blender’s blender cleanser solid is the ideal companion for your cosmetics sponges and brushes. This cleanser keeps blenders and brushes clean by removing extra product, grime, and oil. This cleanser is also free of parabens, phthalates, and sulphates, and is vegan and cruelty-free. To use, gently bounce your beauty blender solid makeup sponge or swirl your brushes against the bumps to assist the cleanser penetrate for deep cleaning. Blender cleanser, blender, blender cleanser, blender cleanser, blender clean it’s the ideal size for solid lavender. This cleanser is small enough to slip into your handbag or travel bag, ensuring that you never go without a clean brush or sponge.

Clean your makeup sponge

Yes, scrubbing your makeup sponge with soap and water is all that is required to clean it. It is suggested to washing yours shortly after you’ve finished applying makeup to make things as simple as possible: “Whether you believe it or not, you should wash your Beauty blender after each use,” she advises. “Since you’re always wetting it, why not wash it while you’re at it?”

It is recommended Beauty blender’s Blender cleanser, which comes in both solid and liquid forms, for a complete clean. Both are supposed to kill 99.7% of germs in 24 hours which can deep-clean almost anything with only a few drops. Before washing your Beauty blender or beauty sponge, make sure it is completely damp. If you go with the solid choice, gently scrub the surface with your sponge until it’s completely saturated. Use a few drops of liquid to get your sponge sudsy from top to bottom if you’re using one.

Blender cleanser solid beauty blender

The beauty blender cleanser solid will keep your makeup sponges and brushes in excellent condition. The low-suds lather created by the soft, lavender-scented solution effectively removes dirt, extra product, and bacteria. This cleanser, which comes in a durable bottle with a bright pink silicone pad, comes with everything you need to keep your beauty blender sponge clean.

The raised grid cleans your makeup brushes while the textured pad serves as a drying stand for your freshly cleansed beauty blender. This compact solid cleanser is designed for travel and keeps your cosmetic equipment in great shape and ready to use.

 How to use

  • Makeup brushes and a wet beauty blender
  • Rub a beauty blender or cosmetic brushes over the soap to create a lather; repeat as needed.
  • Squeeze the beauty blender or cosmetic brushes gently to remove any excess cleanser or water, then rinse one more.
  • Allow the beauty blender to dry naturally on the new pink pad.

You can now use your soapy beauty blender to bounce against the pink pad for a deeper clean if necessary. You may also clean your makeup brushes with the pink pad.

Liquid Blender cleanser from Beauty blender

This newly-formulated Liquid Blender cleanser will give your beloved sponge a bath. The dematerialized water and natural sea salt are environmentally safe and keep your Beauty blender and brushes spotless. Apply cleanser to the sponge’s surface with a damp Beauty blender by pressing on the pump nozzle. Work into lather by lightly squeezing. If needed, rinse and repeat. Remove any excess water and air dries the beauty blender on an inset pedestal or in a well-ventilated area. It also works wonders when it comes to soaking up stains.

Soak your makeup sponge in water for a few minutes to clean it.

If your sponge is particularly filthy, we’re talking about the point where you can’t recall what color it was when you got it, soaking it for a bit longer may be beneficial.

  • Prepare your soap bath in the first step.
  • Some water and liquid soap together in your sink or in a small basin. If you’re very concerned about bacteria, boil some water and use it instead.
  • Soak in the second step.
  • Allow a few minutes for the sponge to soak up the mixture, this will break up and loosen the makeup.
  • Allow to air dry after wiping off the surface with a moist towel.

After the timer goes off, compress the soap solution through your sponge with a few squeezes. Massage a little more soap into any areas that require it with your palm. Then, under warm running water, thoroughly rinse

The Bottom Line

Makeup sponges aren’t designed to last indefinitely. What are some telltale indicators that your sponge has gone bad? Tears or rips in the surface, deep, lingering stains that won’t go away no matter how much you soak or wash it, any weird odor, or when it loses its unique bounce and shape are all signs that it needs to be replaced. Your sponge will last longer and function better if you take better care of it, but you should still watch for those warning signals and replace it every three to four months.


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