Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Best catalytic converter cleaner

The catalytic converter cleans your car’s exhaust by converting toxic gases into less dangerous gases for people and the environment. It’s a high-heat process in the dirtiest portion of your car, and it can cause buildup and even clogging in your catalytic converter over time, resulting in it doing less converting. That could explain why you failed your smog test or why your check engine light is illuminate.

Rather than spending a lot of money on a new catalytic converter, consider cleaning the one you have if you have a check engine light that won’t go away or a failed emissions test on a car that appears to be in good shape. Because you can’t clean the cat with a brush, one of these catalytic converter cleaner additives is your best bet.

  1. Dura lube Severe Catalytic and Exhaust Treatment is our Editor’s Choice

Dura lube is a type of lube that is used to create Severe Catalytic and Exhaust Treatment is a treatment for oil poisoning in your catalytic converter. According to the company, it helps to clean your system by removing buildups and impurities that cause your catalyst to lose effectiveness, which can cost you power and money while also polluting the air that exits the back.

It also aids in the reduction of phosphorous and zinc retention at the catalyst’s input, both of which can lead to catalytic converter toxicity and failure. This should clear OBD error code P0420, which indicates that your catalytic converter isn’t working or cleaning properly. When put to the fuel tank, which is comparable to 15.9 gallons of gasoline, one bottle will last up to 5,000 miles (or three months).Engines running on diesel and ethanol-based flex-fuels are also safe to use with this product.

Advantages of the product:

  • Long-lasting
  • Protects the catalyst against phosphorus and zinc toxicity over time.
  • It assists in the elimination of engine codes.
  1. CATA cleanse

Carbon buildup in your catalytic converter can be removed with CATA clean. That’s the kind of pollution that a badly running engine can generate and it won’t always go away even if the other issues in your engine are fixed. Instead of replacing your cat because your engine has been running rich for a while, use CATA clean to assist remove the carbon.

It can also help with drivability difficulties, since the carbon in your converter can clog it up, making it difficult for the engine to breathe. Clogging reduces airflow, which raises pollutants, reduces power, and degrades fuel efficiency. CATA clean claims to reduce hydrocarbon emissions by up to 50%, making your car, truck, or SUV a less polluting vehicle as it matures. This cat cleaner also cleans your fuel injectors and cylinder heads, removing power-robbing and engine-harming buildups.

Advantages of the product:

  • Carbon build-up in cats is removed.
  • Cleans the cylinder head and the fuel injectors
  • Emissions are cut.
  1. Fuel System Cleaner Techron Concentrate Plus

Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleanser is a multi-purpose cleaner for the entire fuel system. It cleans, repairs, and protects your whole fuel system, including fuel injectors, fuel lines, carburetors, and sulfur-contaminated fuel gauge sensors. It can restore lost power and performance while also increasing fuel economy thanks to its special formulation. It can also help with engine knock and ping, as well as cold-start troubles caused by fuel system buildup.

This is one of the greatest full-system cleaners available, eliminating gasoline deposits and buildups from your fuel tank to your combustion chamber. It also has a long fill throat for ease pouring into your tank. However, one common complaint is that the cap and foil seal aren’t always well sealed, allowing the contents to leak during shipping.

  1. Red Line’s SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

This Red Line SI-1 is a formidable concentrated fuel system cleanser. In the absence of substantial carbon build-ups, it cleans to approximately 100% efficiency in a single treatment. If your engine needs more octane because of carbon deposits, the formulation can assist eliminate pinging and lower your octane requirements. Because the system cleanser is safe to use on a daily basis, it’s ideal for car maintenance. Cleaning up crud and filth from your vehicle’s fuel system using a tiny bottle per tank of gas is an efficient treatment.

The synthetic lubricant in the composition, which coats the upper cylinders, is another significant advantage of this product. This improves the smoothness of your engine. This product helps maintain your intake manifold and throttle body free of carbon build-up, decreasing wear on the engine’s parts, when used as part of a routine maintenance schedule. This will also assist if you have an older automobile with a ping from carbon build-up.In general, this is a fantastic product that consistently produces excellent results. While this is a safe fuel system cleaning to use with every tank of petrol, the hefty cost makes it unlikely that you’ll use it more than once every few tanks.

  1. Cleaner for Catalytic Converters

You’re gazing at the check engine light again, but you’ve already fixed everything but the thousand-dollar cat? Take a chance with EZ Emissions Pass. Hi- According to Gear, it collaborates with additive manufacturers and OEMs to gain access to the most cutting-edge technologies. This product is intended to remove carbon deposits from the cat as well as the rotten egg smell caused by hydrogen sulphide.It has a dual-action formula that cleans the combustion chamber, eliminates deposits from your EGR valve, and cleans the remainder of your fuel system, which can assist to improve overall vehicle performance. It can improve your vehicle’s overall performance, including fuel economy, power, and throttle response, in addition to reducing emissions.


  • Treatment of the entire gasoline system
  • Removes carbon deposits from the catalytic system.
  • Only applicable to gasoline engines

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