What Happened To Trobiano’s Kitchen Nightmares

What Happened To Trobiano’s Kitchen Nightmares

Trobiano’s, a popular Italian restaurant located in New York City, gained significant attention after being featured on the hit reality TV show “Kitchen Nightmares” hosted by renowned chef Gordon Ramsay. The show, which aired from 2007 to 2014, followed Ramsay as he visited struggling restaurants and attempted to turn them around. However, despite the initial buzz and exposure, Trobiano’s ultimately faced a different fate. In this article, we will explore what happened to Trobiano’s after their appearance on “Kitchen Nightmares” and the factors that contributed to their downfall.

The “Kitchen Nightmares” Experience

When Trobiano’s was selected to be featured on “Kitchen Nightmares,” it was seen as an opportunity for the restaurant to revitalize its struggling business. The show’s format involved Ramsay visiting the restaurant, identifying its problems, and implementing changes to improve its operations, menu, and overall customer experience.

During the episode, Ramsay highlighted several issues at Trobiano’s, including a lackluster menu, poor management, and unsanitary conditions in the kitchen. He worked closely with the restaurant’s owner, Joe Cerniglia, to address these issues and implement necessary changes.

Initial Post-“Kitchen Nightmares” Success

Following the episode’s airing, Trobiano’s experienced a surge in popularity. The exposure from the show attracted new customers who were curious to see if the restaurant had indeed transformed. The initial success was evident in increased reservations and positive reviews from patrons who praised the improvements made by Ramsay and his team.

Additionally, Trobiano’s saw a boost in revenue as a result of the increased foot traffic. The restaurant’s newfound fame also led to media coverage and interviews with Cerniglia, further solidifying its presence in the culinary world.

Challenges and Downfall

Despite the initial success, Trobiano’s faced several challenges that ultimately led to its downfall. These challenges included:

  • High Expectations: The expectations set by the show and the subsequent media coverage placed immense pressure on the restaurant to maintain its newfound success. Meeting these expectations proved to be a daunting task.
  • Operational Difficulties: Trobiano’s struggled to implement and sustain the changes made during the show. The restaurant faced difficulties in maintaining the improved menu, managing staff, and ensuring consistent quality.
  • Financial Constraints: The costs associated with the changes made during the show, coupled with the increased overhead expenses, put a strain on Trobiano’s finances. The restaurant struggled to generate enough revenue to cover these expenses.
  • Competition: The restaurant industry in New York City is highly competitive, with new establishments constantly opening. Trobiano’s faced stiff competition from other Italian restaurants, making it challenging to retain customers and attract new ones.
  • Online Reviews: Negative online reviews began to surface, highlighting inconsistencies in the restaurant’s quality and service. These reviews, coupled with the high expectations set by the show, further impacted Trobiano’s reputation.
  • Tragic Loss: In a tragic turn of events, Joe Cerniglia, the owner of Trobiano’s, took his own life in 2010. This devastating event not only affected the restaurant emotionally but also created uncertainty about its future.


1. Did Trobiano’s close down after “Kitchen Nightmares”?

No, Trobiano’s did not immediately close down after their appearance on “Kitchen Nightmares.” However, the restaurant faced numerous challenges and eventually closed its doors a few years later.

2. Did the changes made by Gordon Ramsay stick?

While Gordon Ramsay made significant changes to Trobiano’s during the show, the restaurant struggled to sustain those changes in the long run. Operational difficulties and financial constraints hindered their ability to maintain the improvements.

3. Did Trobiano’s experience a boost in business after the show?

Yes, Trobiano’s initially experienced a surge in business after their appearance on “Kitchen Nightmares.” The exposure from the show attracted new customers and led to increased reservations. However, sustaining this boost proved to be challenging.

4. What impact did online reviews have on Trobiano’s?

Negative online reviews played a significant role in impacting Trobiano’s reputation. Inconsistencies in quality and service, coupled with the high expectations set by the show, led to negative feedback from customers, further affecting the restaurant’s success.

5. How did Joe Cerniglia’s tragic loss affect Trobiano’s?

Joe Cerniglia’s tragic loss had a profound impact on Trobiano’s. It not only affected the restaurant emotionally but also created uncertainty about its future. The loss of the owner further complicated the challenges the restaurant was already facing.

6. What can we learn from Trobiano’s experience?

Trobiano’s experience highlights the importance of sustained effort and adaptability in the restaurant industry. It serves as a reminder that success on a reality TV show does not guarantee long-term success. Restaurants must address operational difficulties, manage finances effectively, and consistently deliver quality to thrive in a competitive market.


Trobiano’s journey after their appearance on “Kitchen Nightmares” serves as a cautionary tale for restaurants seeking a quick fix to their problems. While the initial exposure and success brought by the show were promising, Trobiano’s faced numerous challenges that ultimately led to their downfall. Operational difficulties, financial constraints, competition, negative online reviews, and the tragic loss of the owner all contributed to the restaurant’s closure. The experience of Trobiano’s reminds us that sustained effort, adaptability, and a focus on delivering quality are crucial for long-term success in the restaurant industry.