What color curtains go with blue grey walls

What Color Curtains go with Blue Grey Walls

What color curtains go with blue grey walls

Interior design magazines have made blue-grey a prominent trend, and with good reason. It’s simple to see why numerous colour combinations of grey have become popular, given the prevalence of grey. Blue-grey is one of the most popular fashionable hues in the 2020s. It can be difficult to furnish a room that is painted blue-grey. So, what kind of curtains would go well with this unusual colour? Blue-grey is an almost-neutral colour. White, cream, and grey are good neutrals to pair with this colour. Deep blues, teal, yellow, orange, and pink are all good choices.

  • Creamy tan

Grey walls are fantastic because they can be used in a variety of ways. They go with almost any colour – even other neutrals. These tan and cream curtains look great against the grey and offer a touch of warmth that the pristine white lacks. With a thick knit throw blanket and a plush chair, you’ve created a warm and inviting space.

  • The colour navy

Navy blue curtains are one of the most beautiful colours for grey walls. When paired with grey, the deep rich colour really pops, but the room doesn’t feel too dark. A room with camel brown furniture, white or cream accents, and other warm-tone accents will look especially good with navy blue curtains.

  • Navy and taupe are classic choices.

If you want curtains to match navy blue walls, taupe is a great choice because neutral shades always go well with dark blues.These curtains are made of a heavy, thermal fabric that looks like silk, making them ideal for a luxurious and relaxing bedroom. These curtains not only look great, but they also keep the heat in, keeping you nice and toasty in the winter.

  • Beige

Beige is another great gray-based colour that would look great in any room. Beige curtains can help to warm up the cool grey wall and create a welcome and appealing ambiance by balancing out the cool tone of the grey wall. Furthermore, beige parts can be quite useful in bringing some earthy, natural looks that are necessary to avoid the potential dull and uninteresting looks that can come when grey is the primary colour.

  • Oatmeal

Because it is the perfect balance of grey and yellow, oatmeal is a wonderful neutral hue.

Grey walls can make a space feel a little chilly at times. However, in a room with grey walls, a set of oatmeal curtains allows you to decorate with warmer accents while still maintaining the light and airy impression of grey.

  • Lime

One of the most prevalent issues with grey walls in a bedroom or living area is the lack of bright, punchy features. This problem can be readily solved by including any bright and vibrantly coloured goods, such as lime curtains. This distinctive green hue is sure to catch everyone’s eye and provide life to any space. The fresh aspect of any usual green shade can also be quite effective in creating an earthy, natural ambiance in an appealing appearance.

  • Walls with Gray Light Filtering Curtains

Selecting the appropriate curtain is crucial. A white sheer paired with medium grey light filtering drapes produces a delicate aesthetic ideal for the bedroom in this case. The theme is completed with grey and blue bedding, as well as the complementary hue we stated, and a floral yellow throw pillow.

  • Navy and white polka-dotted curtains and electric blue walls

From the bright electric blue walls to the sheer white and navy polka-dot curtains, this room is all about having a good time. It’s the ideal appearance for demonstrating your individuality. This lovely living room is finished off with white and blue upholstered furnishings.

  • Medium Gold Curtains and Dark Turquoise Walls

This lively living area takes the concept of contrasting hues and makes them pop. A medium gold drape is coupled with a vivid turquoise wall to compliment the wooden floor to the left. The gold tone is also enhanced by a crimson poof accent. The wall colour is offset by a circular blue carpeting. A subtle geometric pattern and a warm golden glow characterize these chenille jacquard-style curtains. They’re room darkening, come in pairs, and come in a variety of sizes. Their velvety sheen creates a lovely drape.

  • Rose and navy-colored walls and curtains

The abstract color-blocked picture on the light blue-gray wall provides inspiration for the curtains in this beautiful room. White sheer curtains are set against linen-like drapes in delicate rose and deep blue. The warm tones of the rose are highlighted by copper and gold accents on the furniture and lamp. Everything comes together to form a stunning appearance.

  • On Wedgewood Blue Walls, White Knotted Sheers

Heavy drapes are unnecessary with floor-to-ceiling windows that let in so much light. To give a fresh aesthetic, sheers from floor to ceiling have been knotted into beautiful knots. The design is completed by black iron curtain rods with curled ends.

  • Yellow curtains and white sheers with lighter turquoise walls

You can sometimes get the results you want by toning down a hue. This colour combination works beautifully, just as it does in the other turquoise and gold room seen above. We’ve got a lighter shade of turquoise and a lighter shade of gold draperies in this room.

  • Curtains with a peach and blue pattern on a light blue wall with a pattern

Who says you can’t play patterns against each other? This bedroom, which features a delicate floral wallpaper in blues and soft pastel patterned curtains in blue and peach, does just that. The glass globed end curtain rods add a touch of whimsy to the design.

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