How to design kitchen cabinets with Ikea kitchen

How to Design Kitchen Cabinets with Ikea Kitchen

How to design kitchen cabinets with Ikea kitchen

It’s simple to utilize Ikea’s 3-D kitchen design tool. The nicest aspect is that you can simply move cabinets and appliances about the space once you’ve entered the general room measurements including features like doors and windows. How difficult is it to put together your own Ikea kitchen? You can accomplish most of it if you can put together a couple pieces of IKEA furniture. Cabinet cases are quite simple to put together. To mount ikea kitchen cabinets and maintain everything perfectly level, you’ll need patience and accuracy.

How to Design a Kitchen with Ikea

Now that the area has been measured and you’ve been inspired, bear in mind those IKEA kitchens is the most DIY-friendly approach to renovate a kitchen! However, because you do it yourself, it is both less expensive and more effort. Everything may be measured, designed, ordered, picked up, and installed by you. IKEA provides measurement services, or you may pay for a two-hour meeting with an IKEA designer who can assist you in designing your area.

Because of the high quality and customization of IKEA cabinets, there are many additional firms that specialize in designing and installing them. Note that hiring a professional designer to construct your layout will cost between $300 and $600, but it may be worth it to ensure that you receive your ideal kitchen. BUT, if you want to do what I did and build your own kitchen, here are some pointers to get you started.

  1. Visit the Store to See What You Like

Before you place an order, visit an IKEA store to obtain ideas. Open every cupboard and drawer in the kitchen section to discover what you prefer. They have a plethora of choices! There are SO many options for customization that you’ll want to keep track of what you like. If you happen to come across an IKEA kitchen catalogue, have a look at it.

I fell in love with the soft close cabinets at my local IKEA! Also, drawers in lower cabinets allow you to view all you have. The pantry became a strong contender. All of this was written down so that I could apply it to my room.

  1. The Kitchen Planner from Ikea Is Your Best Friend

Start by entering in the general measurements of the area in the IKEA kitchen planner. Because the arch between the kitchen and dining room will be removed in my sister’s kitchen, I began with a plain rectangle.

Install doors and windows next. Add the fixtures when they’ve been plugged in. Plumbing and gas lines, electricity, and heating and ventilation are all included. You may also change the floor material and wall colour to better fit your vision during this phase.

  1. Begin Personalizing Your Floor Plan

The non-negotiables are the first item I’d recommend including in your floor design after your room shell is complete. Choose a sink cabinet that will fit the size of sink you desire, and place the dishwasher next to the sink.

  1. Keep Adding Cabinets

Carry on putting cabinets where you want them. Make a list of the specific components you desire using your notes from the store visit. Here are a few pointers to help you get things right:

The floor layout may be seen in two different ways. A bird’s eye perspective of the floor is provided by the square on the bottom left side. A 3D depiction of the plan may be seen in the cube adjacent to the square. The floor view is useful for modifying the arrangement, whilst the 3D line view is best for seeing how the layout would look in real life. Leave 2′′ between any walls and cabinets. Almost no house has perfectly square walls. The cabinets will fit if you leave a few inches between them and the wall. Fill in the gaps with filler.

Once the cabinets are in place, you may personalize each one click on the cabinet, click customize. You may remove the under cabinet lights that come with each top cabinet. You may also change the amount of shelves and drawers. On the Ikea website, you can find laminate countertop possibilities. Quartz alternatives start at $60 per square foot in store. If you opt with Ikea for your countertops, you’ll obtain an estimate in the shop and then pay for them when you purchase your cabinets. You can decide on the edge, whether it has an overhang for an island or peninsula and how your sink will be positioned.

Completion of the Plan

One of the coolest features of the IKEA Kitchen Planner is that it creates a shopping list for you as you add goods to the floor plan. So, if you go to “see item list,” you’ll be able to see the pricing for your kitchen. It’s a good idea to add items as you modify your kitchen so you can imagine it. If you don’t want such things, remove them before going into the store so you don’t buy them. Take IKEA hardware or countertops off the layout, for example. To do so, utilize the “all-at-once kitchen change” function on the right hand side.

You may then choose any object, such as the handles, and delete or add them all at once. If you want furniture with your kitchen, you may add it to the floor plan and order it later. I put several bookshelves on their sides for banquette seating in the concept, and they’ll arrive with the order. Are you ready to place an order for your cabinets? IKEA has its own system. I wrote a complete page about what to expect when getting IKEA cabinets, so you can get a sense of what to expect and how long it will take. I sincerely hope that these suggestions assist you in obtaining your ideal kitchen.

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