How to decorate pool for party

How to Decorate Pool for Party

How to decorate pool for party

When the weather is still hot and humid, go to the pool to relax and cool down. Have a great time with your pals at a pool party. Pool parties are quite popular throughout the summer, and can be used for baby showers, wedding showers, bachelorette parties, or simply fun get-togethers with friends. What are some ideas for poolside decorations for a party?


Direct your visitors to the pool party area using flags, streamers, or banners that point them in the right direction. One of my favorite new ideas is to use sidewalk chalk to create colorful designs on the driveway and garden walkways to guide guests to the appropriate entry. Electric string lights and glow sticks with a theme make a great impression for late-night events.


For optimal engagement, position the furnishings in small groups of three or four around the pool perimeter. To add more accents to your motif, use matching slipcovers and tables decorations. Sun worshippers and hot-blooded visitors will both find a comfortable spot thanks to a combination of shady and sunny seating options. If you’re staying up late, use votive candles, tiki torches, and electric string lights to light conversational areas instead of glaring flood lights.

Themes for a Pool Party

Decorate the party using themed decorations and party materials to create a great impression without breaking the bank. Some of my favorite pool party themes are listed here.


Make a statement with beachy table’s accents and surfer supplies that will elevate your pool party to new heights. To get such fantastic vibes, put some Carolina shag selections on your party music mix.


Transport yourself to the tropics by infusing delicious flavors and smells into the party palette while dancing the hula under the light of tiki torches. Anchors aweigh with vivid stripe patterns and nautical motifs sprinkled throughout the house, including porch pillows and side tables.

Pink Flamingo

 For classic retro-inspired fun, have your yard “flocked” 24 hours before to the party, and customize pink flamingo sunglasses as a lovely party present.

Invite your guests to wear matched swimwear in the theme colors, such as black and white polka dots or metallic gold, to the party.


Balloons are one of the most popular pool party decorations since they are simple to obtain, inexpensive, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can collect a large number of them, blow them up, and then toss them into the pool, around the drink or desert station, or wherever else you like. Keep them in your party colors; you can also connect them to certain floating items and throw them into the pool.


Floats are essential not only for having a good time but also for pool party decor. Pick several that are shaped like desserts, such as ice cream, donuts, cupcakes, candy, and cakes. Order flamingo or duck floats in large sizes to hold drinks in ice, which will keep the ice from melting too quickly.

Dessert or something to drink Decoration for the Table

Garlands made of beach balls and life preservers, cocktail wreaths, balloons, pompoms, and tassels can be used to decorate dessert and drink tables. Add flamingos and other tropical elements if you want to go all out.

Additional Thoughts

Floating light lanterns, fresh flowers in hoops, and a cocktail umbrella wreath are just a few of the DIY ideas available.

Pineapple Poufs Made from Tissue Paper

This brilliant concept from Frog Prince Papery will add a splash of color to your decor. Bright yellow pouffes have been converted into adorable pineapples, perfect for a tropical, island themed celebration.

Lanterns of Jellyfish

These colorful sea creatures from Me and My Insanity’s Mermaid Birthday Party will give your pool party that under-the-sea vibe. Colorful paper lanterns, crepe party streamers, and matching ribbon are all you need. With three few steps, you can achieve the look.

Garland made of beach balls

For this simple but effective garland, you can buy little beach balls or construct them yourself. A little paint, Styrofoam balls, and thread are all you’ll need! Studio DIY has a tutorial for you.

Colors that Pop

The vivid candy colors of summer are everywhere. Like this pool party from Spaceships and Laser Beams, you can quickly (and affordably) add a lot of color with just plastic dollar store tablecloths. For a creative backdrop like the one seen, drape one tablecloth on the wall and the other on the food table.

Blow up toys

Pool inflatables come in a wide variety of forms and sizes, from flamingos to donuts. Smaller ones can serve as DIY ice chests or amusing table decor, while larger ones can offer a burst of color to the main attraction your pool.

Sharks that eat watermelon

Isn’t this Inspirational Mama’s delicious concept adorable?! It’ll be the talk of the party as the centrepieces, and the youngsters will devour the fruit. It’s also a lot easier to do than you may think on how to choose the best watermelon.

Noodles in the Swimming Pool

Those bright pool noodles are not only fun to play with in the water, but they’re also tasty. When they’re made of licorice, they certainly are. This beautiful concept for Pool Noodle Licorice from Hostess with the Mostess will give your party guppies a sweet surprise.

Water Punch in the Swimming Pool

Everything can be altered with a single symbol. The kids snickered and giggled a lot when Bethany from Maryland Pink and Green named her punch pool water.

Toss in a sliver of island enchantment

To instantly brighten up your beach-themed party, string up shimmering summer-themed lights! Pick indoor/outdoor lights to put on the tiki bar, windows, or a gate. The celebration will continue to be hot even after the sun sets.

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