How to wash velvet clothes in washing machine

How to Wash Velvet Clothes in Washing Machine

How to wash velvet clothes in washing machine

Velvet is a rich, textured fabric that is perfect for a night out on the town or the holidays, but it is also finding its way into our everyday wardrobes. While many of us have no worries about wearing velvet, we are unsure about how to clean it. Before you start, make sure you know what kind of velvet you have and what quality it is. This will ensure that the cleaning process you choose is appropriate for the type of velvet you have. Always test a tiny area initially to ensure that the cleaning approach is effective.

Is Velvet a Fabric That Can Be Machine-Washable?

Other types of velvet should not be washed unless the label specifies otherwise. While some people have had success washing velvet clothing that has only been dry cleaned, they may not be washing the same item as you. That means you should be wary of their words of encouragement. It is not possible to wash all dry clean only velvet items.

Velvet Clothing Laundering

  1. Take a look at the tag

Make sure to read the label on your velvet apparel before washing it. Take it to a dry cleaner if it says “dry clean only” to ensure the piece isn’t ruined.  If a label just states “dry clean,” it signifies that dry cleaning is the suggested method for cleaning velvet, not the only method.

If you have any worries, take the velvet piece to a dry cleaning. This can prevent irreversible damage to a valuable piece of velvet clothing.

  1. Velvet items should be cleaned by hand

Dry cleaning velvet is the safest and most effective method of care. You have the option of dry cleaning your velvet at yourself or having it professionally dry cleaned.

If you’re concerned about the cost of using a professional dry cleaner, consider buying a commercially available home dry-cleaning kit. Before dry cleaning your velvet at home, read the product directions carefully. Send your velvet garment to a dry cleaner. Keep in mind that most dry cleaners have received special training in handling delicate textiles like velvet. Ask your cleaner any questions you have, and be sure to point out any potential problems.

  1. Articles can be washed either by machine or by hand

Velvet apparel made of crushed or polyester can be washed in the washing machine or by hand in a sink or tub. You can save money on dry cleaning by hand-washing the item, and it might even be as effective. Before beginning, make sure you read the label. If you’re unsure about washing the item yourself, dry clean it at home or get it professionally cleaned.

Fill a tub with lukewarm or cold water and a small bit of detergent and wash your velvet by hand. Using moderate hand movements, swish your velvet garment through the sudsy water. Carry on in this manner until the thing is completely clean. Scrubbing or twisting the item will cause the cloth to stretch or be damaged. Empty the tub and fill it with cool water when you’ve finished washing the item. Up and down the clothing until no more soap or residue is visible.

  1. Spot cleaning is an effective way to get rid of stains

You can also wash a velvet garment by removing only the patches or stains that need to be removed. This can help to prevent your entire garment from laundering while also potentially saving you money.

In a tub or sink, combine one teaspoon gentle care washing detergent and two cups cold water. Wring out the mixture with a clean, soft white towel. Dab, not rub, any stains with the white towel until they are completely gone. If the fabric becomes too dry, remoisten it. Rinse the white linen in cold water and wring it out once the stain has been removed. After that, rub the area to remove any soap residue. Dilute a lemon-baking soda paste with water. Dab the solution on the affected area gently until it disappears. If you do not dilute the mixture or apply it softly, this is an extremely potent combination that can damage your garment.

  1. Steam can be used to refresh a product

Use a hand-held steamer if you merely need to refresh your velvet garment. This will help to erase creases and restore the fabric’s luscious appearance. To make it smell lovely, after steaming, spritz it with fabric refreshing spray. To avoid soaking the garment, place the steamer about 6 inches away. Steam the garment starting at the hems and working your way to the centre.

When steaming and spritzing the cloth with fabric freshener, turn the garment inside out. This can produce the same results as heating and spritzing the fabric directly. If you don’t have a hand-held steamer, try draping the item in a steamy bathroom. A velvet garment can be as efficient as a steamer if it is placed inside a steamy, hot shower without being directly exposed to the water stream.

  1. Allow your clothes to air dry before putting it away

This may cause the garment to shrink and the exquisite quality of the fabric to be compromised. Allow any machine-washed item to dry completely before hanging it. To move any creases, use a steamer if necessary. With mild pressure, squeeze any surplus water out of a hand-washed item. Avoid twisting or wringing the object. Then, on a flat surface, lay the clothing out. To avoid discoloration, place a clean white cloth underneath the item and let it dry completely. Replace the wet white towel with a new, dry white towel if it becomes saturated. Allowing your item to dry on top of a dryer is a viable option. The mild heat will hasten the drying process while safeguarding your velvet outfit.



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