How to clean velvet sofa stains

How to Clean Velvet Sofa Stains

How to clean velvet sofa stains

Our inner self is reflected in the interior of our home. Few people dare to wear velvet fabric. Getting a velvet sofa, on the other hand, will completely transform your living environment if the occasion arises. If you’ve decided to treat yourself to a piece of luxury furniture, you’ll need to know how to properly care for a velvet sofa. You’ll need to know the material of a velvet sofa in order to properly care for it. It was previously constructed of tufted silk, which is a very expensive fabric. This isn’t a flat-woven cloth, like most others. More materials are required, and it is weaved in two thicknesses. The intricate procedure gives the cloth its trademark softness, which is how the slogan “soft as velvet” came to be coined. Velvet can now be made from a variety of synthetic and natural materials in addition to the traditional silk velvet.

The following are a few of the more cost-effective options:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester (typically a combination of cotton and polyester)
  • Viscose
  • Wool
  • Linen
  • Mohair

In today’s world, finding pure silk velvet has grown more difficult. Even if you find genuine velvet, it is very expensive to purchase. Viscose, often known as art silk, is now the most popular fabric used. If you do decide to purchase a velvet sofa, you’ll need to know how to clean it properly.

The Best Way to Take Care of a Velvet Sofa

Although velvet is considered a delicate fabric, when properly cared for, it is actually quite durable. As a result, learning how to properly care for a velvet sofa is crucial. Velvet’s best feature is that, like fine wine, it improves with age. Velvet furniture requires very little maintenance. The best way to go about it is to make the tasks associated with its upkeep part of your daily routine. We recommend including a few light cleaning tasks in your weekly cleaning schedule:

  1. While vacuuming your lounge’s floor or carpet, rapidly switch to upholstery cleaner to remove any dust, crumbs, fluff, or other debris from your velvet sofa.
  2. For your sofa, get a velvet brush. To begin, determine which direction the velvet fibres are weaved. Brush your couch in the same direction as you’re brushing your hair.
  3. You may notice creases, odd lines, or even old stains when working on one of the two chores indicated above. This is when your upholstery steam cleaner comes in handy. If you’re not sure what kind of fibres your velvet settee is made of, or if you know it’s composed of natural materials, you should hire a professional cleaner. They’ll clean your sofa with a dry cleaning procedure that won’t harm your prized possession.

Stain Removal and How to Care for Velvet Sofas Properly

It’s nearly hard to live a life without staining anything you shouldn’t. It will occur sooner rather than later if you have dogs, children, or simply an untidy family member. As a result, you must be prepared when the unavoidable occurs. When it comes to stains, the first rule is to catch them early. It may be nearly impossible to remove them if they have time to dry and set into the velvet fabric. Here are a few pointers for dealing with a new stain:

  1. Grab a couple paper towels or an absorbent cloth the moment a fresh spill lands on your couch. Carefully apply it on the stain. Rubing or dabbing it will only force it deeper into your settee’s fibres. Allow it to absorb as much as possible for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Now you must prepare a velvet sofa solution. We recommend preparing a large, deep bowl. Add a spoonful of soda bicarbonate to 100ml of lemon juice in the mixing bowl. The mixture will fizz, causing foam and bubbles to rise to the surface. Apply the solution on the stain with a cloth dipped in the foam part.
  3. Pour 50ml of water into a cup or bowl and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid as another alternative for making a solution. Use only the bubbly foam to clean the velvet upholstery, stirring quickly to create foam.
  4. Blot the stain carefully with a white cleaning cloth, regardless of the mixture you use. Continually blot until the stain is gone.
  5. Allow for airing and drying of the upholstery. Use a vacuum to clean the surface after it has dried completely to make it look smooth and mix in with the rest of the velvet sofa.

What Is The Best Way To Remove A Stain From A Velvet Sofa Set?

If a liquid is spilled on the velvet, clean it up right away because the surface can be permanently damaged. Allowing the spill and stains to sit on the velvet surface for a longer amount of time will make cleaning more difficult. The steps for cleaning it are shown below.

  • Get a dry, clean, and soft towel or absorbent tissue.
  • Using the cloth, blot the liquid spill away from the edges rather than the centre, or it will spread much more.
  • Avoid rubbing your hands together. If you squish the velvet too hard, it will be damaged.
  • Using a hair dryer, try to dry the affected region at a distance of 20 cm from the sofa.
  • If a stain remains after the liquid spill has dried, clean it with a solution of water and unscented dish soap.
  • Wipe the back of the sofa with a dry fabric cloth to see if it discolours the fabric.
  • Use a gently rubbing motion and light strokes to remove the discoloration.
  • Allow the sofa to air dry by turning on a few fans and opening the window.