How to Clean Lash Extensions

As you know, when cleaning your false eyelashes, you must be careful. There are many reasons why you should clean your lash extensions.  It is not just a matter of hygiene; if you don’t clean your eyelashes properly, the results won’t be as good as you hoped for. In fact, because people often use the same applicator during the cleansing process, a lot of people get lash infections and other problems.  While you can use some special foams and gels to do it on your own.

Keep extensions clean

In order for your extensions to last a long time, you need to keep them clean.

  • The first thing you should do is remove all of the old adhesive and glue from your lash extensions. This can be done with a mixture of water and coconut oil. You can also use baby oil or olive oil if desired.
  • Once this has been done, it will be time to cleanse your lashes from any impurities that may have gathered in them over the course of your use. You can do this by using an eye makeup remover or any other type of cleanser that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.
  • You should then rinse off all traces of any residue left behind by the remover or cleanser with cool water. Once this has been completed, you may apply some saline solution mixed with water if desired in order to clear out any excess moisture left behind on your eyelids after rinsing them off.

Comb your lashes

Cleaning your lash extensions is essential to maintaining the health of your lashes. If you don’t clean them, they will get clumps, tangles and start to shed. This can make it harder for you to get a full set of lashes in the future. To clean your lash extensions, use a baby wipe or water and soap combination to gently wipe away any excess glue or makeup that may be on the lashes. Then comb through them with a lash comb or brush. The best way to avoid clumps and tangles is to make sure that you don’t sleep in them. Sleep with them on and they will get tangled up and stuck together!

Gently wash the lash extensions

Lash extensions, or fake eyelashes, are an easy way to get longer, thicker, and fuller lashes. They are applied with a special adhesive and tool. The process is similar to the method used for eyelash perming. The extensions can be worn for up to six weeks at a time, but they should be removed and cleaned once a week to ensure proper hygiene and health of your natural lashes. Gently wash the lash extensions at least once a week with a lash extension cleanser.

A cotton swab is best for cleaning out the glue from underneath each individual lash extension. After you have cleaned them, wipe them gently with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel or handkerchiefs. If you wear contacts, avoid wearing them while having your lash extensions applied or removed since they may damage your lenses. Be sure to check with your doctor before undergoing any cosmetic procedure like this one so that you can avoid any potential complications that could arise from it.

Moisturize your lashes after cleansing them

Lash extensions are a popular beauty treatment that can add length and volume to your natural lashes. They’re also very durable and last for months. However, they’re not exactly maintenance-free. Moisturize your lashes after cleansing them.

  • Use a gentle cleanser formulated specifically for the eyes, such as an eye makeup remover or baby shampoo.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water, then pat dry with a soft cotton towel.
  • Apply a conditioning serum to hydrate the lashes and prevent breakage. You can use an eye cream or face moisturizer if it doesn’t have an oily or greasy consistency.
  • Use mascara sparingly when wearing false lashes on top of your own natural ones, because too much product can lead to clumping and flaking around your eyelids. Also avoid using waterproof mascara on top of fake eyelashes because it makes removal difficult and may damage the synthetic hairs during removal.
  • Use tweezers to remove any lash extensions that become loose from their bonding glue during wear or after removal.

Towel dry or blow-dry lashes with cool air

Lash extensions are a great way to add volume, length and thickness to your natural lashes. They’re also relatively easy to maintain, but they do require some work on your part. Here’s how to clean lash extensions:

You can towel dry or blow-dry your lashes with cool air so they don’t get bent out of shape. If you have any glue residue left over from the application process, you can use an oil-free eye makeup remover to gently rub it off (this is especially important if you have sensitive eyes).

To remove any stubborn pieces of glue that remain on your lashes, you can also use a cotton swab dipped in warm water and then gently wipe away any excess glue.


Cleaning your eyelash extensions is important for keeping your eyes healthy. Teasing, pulling and poking your eyes is never good. The main reason to clean the extensions is keeping your eyes healthy and sanitary but there are also a few other reasons to keep them clean. For example, if you have watery or loose discharge during or after washing then this may be a sign that you need to go see your doctor and get some prescription lash extensions as a healthier alternative. Knowing how to clean your eyelash extensions properly is as vital as wearing them properly.

Although lash extensions are incredibly easy to wear, they’re very difficult to remove and replace. Proper lash extension care extends their lifespan and keeps you safe from the negative effects of using cleaning chemicals on your eyes.