How to clean ipad charging port with toothbrush

How to Clean ipad Charging Port with Toothbrush

How to clean ipad charging port with toothbrush

A quick scan of Apple’s forums reveals a recurring theme: many iPhone and iPad customers are encountering charging issues. Pull in and twist the charging cord, and if you’re lucky, it will begin to charge. I had the same issue with my iPhone X a few days ago. And I discovered a quick and easy way to clean the iPhone charging port.

Check your iPhone charging port before you spend a lot of money solving hardware or software charging difficulties or blaming iPhone lightning cables. The charging port is prone to becoming clogged or obstructed with lint and other debris from your pockets or handbags, which can accumulate over time. You may need to clean out your iPhone charging port to maintain it working properly or to get it working again.

We’re used to wiping dust, lint, filth, and grime off the floor, but they can also get inside your phone’s charging port. It can happen if you place your smartphone in a bag or pocket with the port face down, which happens very frequently. While a small amount of material won’t harm your phone right away, it might accumulate over time and cause it to cease working.

Why should you clean the charging port on your phone?

Although the aperture on the bottom of your phone appears to be little, it can quickly become dirty. Consider this the next time you plug in your phone: Is the connector firmly in place? Is it difficult for you to charge the battery? If this is the case, your USB-C or Lightning cable may have failed to make a secure connection, and it’s time to clean the port.

The first step is to examine your gadget. To examine the charging port more closely, use a powerful flashlight or lamp. You should inspect it for dust and debris on a regular basis.

How do you safely clean a phone’s charging port?

Once you’ve determined that the charging port has a dust problem, be cautious when cleaning it to avoid inflicting irreparable damage to your device. So, it is recommended to use soft items for cleaning which are not dangerous for your cell phones.

What You Can Do to Keep Your Charging Port Safe

Employ the tools Asurion Experts use to clean up your phone’s charging port in a gentler, but more effective manner:

You’ll require:

There are a few items you’ll need to clean the charging port other than patience and time.

• Rubbing Alcohol

• Flashlight

• Toothbrush

How are you going to go about it?

When you have all of the necessary products and tools, you may begin the cleaning process:

1. Look for a Charging Port

Before you do anything else, make sure you check the charging port. You can tell what kind of dirt or dust you’ll be dealing with by utilizing a flashlight.

Turn your iPhone off and bring it up to your face with the charging port facing you. As far as possible, avoid shining direct light into the port because this will make it difficult to see the inside. As a result, turn on the flashlight and examine the charging port.

2. Get a Toothbrush

Prepare the tool you’ll use to remove the dirt and dust from your charging port once you’ve identified the problem regions. It’s also worth noting that a flashlight won’t always reveal all of the filth inside. Nonetheless, keep cleaning your charging port clean.

Place the toothbrush one end now. Make sure it will fit into the charging port on your iPhone. Rubbing alcohol should be sprinkled or sprayed on it.

3.Get rid of the dirt

Apply the cotton-and-alcohol-filled end of the toothpick to the inside of the charging port. Scrape the tool against the charging port’s walls gently and carefully.

You scrape the dirt out by scrapping. It’s possible that you’ll need to poke and stick the toothpick every now and then. This is to ensure that no traces of your presence are left behind.

Depending on the amount of filth and dust in the charging port, this operation may take some time. Furthermore, if the cotton becomes bulky and unclean, you may need to replace it with a fresher and cleaner one.

Rep this process until no more dirt comes out. Continue scraping and poking the dirt out until the cotton on the end of the toothpick stays clean and white.

4.The Final Touch

When you think you’ve finished cleaning the charging port’s interiors, take a piece of cloth and soak it in rubbing alcohol.

Wipe the charging port’s exteriors gently and slowly to guarantee cleanliness. Now, use a dry cotton swab and wipe the problem areas once more.

Hopefully, this post has given you some insight into how to properly clean an iPhone charging port.

Corrosion can also wreak havoc on your phone’s charging connector, causing it to malfunction. It forms along the walls of your iPhone’s Lightning port if you power it up in moist conditions, and it’s more frequent on older phones that have seen a lot of use. It’s recommended to obtain professional help cleaning your phone if you notice green build-up in or around your charging port.

You may be able to clean some of the crust with cotton swabs if you do it yourself. Tooth brush is a soft item and it is quite easy to fit in small spaces like charge port of an iPad. Such items are less likely to be a reason for any kind of physical damage to the charging port.  Moreover, it is very useful for cleaning the dirt in such small spaces which cannot be easily cleaned with other items.

It’s possible that your iPhone’s charging port is unclear if it won’t charge or is acting strangely when it does, such as being picky about which charging connections work. This is a rather simple problem to solve at home.