How to clean chimney filter with caustic soda?

How to clean chimney filter with caustic soda?

How to clean chimney filter with caustic soda?

In most American homes, chimneys have now become an essential component of the kitchen. In addition to improving the overall appearance of the kitchen, chimneys help to keep it clean and grease-free. In comparison to boiled or half-boiled dishes, we cook spicy fried items in most American kitchens. To enhance the flavor of the meals we prepare, we use a lot of oil and spices, which results in a lot of smoke and grease. Kitchen chimneys remove all of the smoke and contaminated air from your kitchen and maintain it clean.

However, with time, the collected oil, grease, and grime can cause your chimneys to get unclean, reducing their ability to absorb cooking smoke. To get the most out of using a kitchen chimney at home, you must take excellent care of it by cleaning it on a regular basis. Cleaning the kitchen chimney, on the other hand, is not straightforward, and most people choose to hire a professional cleaner to clean the entire kitchen, including the chimney. However, if you are a do-it-yourselfer like me, you can easily clean kitchen chimneys on your own.

Why is it necessary to clean the kitchen chimney on a regular basis?

Given the amount of smoke produced while cooking most Indian foods, kitchen chimneys have become a requirement. Because such smokes can harm our health, it is advisable to install chimneys in the kitchen. Cleaning a chimney may appear complicated at first, but it is not difficult if done on a regular basis. This is due to the difficulty of cleaning a chimney that has accumulated a lot of filth, oil, and grease. You can’t get rid of the oiliness no matter how hard you try. In addition, if your chimney is clogged with too much oil and grease, it will not function effectively. There will be a greater probability of being readily damaged.

Furthermore, whenever there is an abundance of filth, there is a risk of germ collection, which can lead to health problems. And, because the kitchen is where the food is prepared, it must be cleaned on a regular basis. In addition, if your kitchen chimney is not cleaned for a long time, it will stink. That is why I recommend having them cleaned once a month to avoid them becoming too dirty.

You should also make sure that your chimney is in good working order. Check to see if it effectively clears all of the smoke. Examine the area for any unusual noises or signs of dysfunction.

Caustic soda is used to clean the chimney

Caustic soda’s acidic nature will easily erase grease or oil stains. It’s a low-cost, high-performance industrial cleanser that dissolves oils, grease, fats, and other organic substances from industrial machinery. Cleaning kitchen chimney grease with caustic soda and hot water is highly effective. Remove the filters from the chimney and lay them on a tray in a small tub filled with hot boiling water. As soon as you do this, pour boiling water over them, and the gases will escape. Allow 2–3 hours for it to sit without being disturbed. Remove them when they’ve been completed, gently scrub them, and then wash them in plain water. Let them dry fully before reinstalling them. While doing this treatment, it is recommended that you use safety clothing

Disadvantages of greasy and unclean chimney filters

  1. It does not appear to be attractive. It completely defaces the appearance of your kitchen.
  2. Filters become clogged with grease over time. As a result, the chimney’s sucking power will be reduced.
  3. Grease/oil may drip from the stove’s filters. As a result, it has the potential to start a fire in the residence.
  4. Smoke and steam can sometimes be seen in your kitchen due to the chimney’s ineffectiveness. In addition, the area around the stove becomes filthy.
  5. If you use a mesh filter and don’t clean it on a regular basis. Filters might then become clogged with oil and grease.

Use caustic soda to clean kitchen chimney

If the above-mentioned chemicals aren’t enough to clean your kitchen chimney, caustic soda is a fantastic alternative to consider. Because caustic soda is acidic, it can readily remove stains with just one application.

When the fumes begin to appear, keep a safe distance from them and avoid inhaling them. Also, caustic soda should not be handled with bare hands because it might cause skin irritation. Throughout the cleaning process, wear gloves.

How often should the filters be cleaned?

Every 15 days, we should clean the chimney filters. Otherwise, cleaning is required once a month.

Cleaning chimney filters every 15 days is recommended in the kitchen situation. You can clean it according to your cooking style in other countries. If you use fewer oils and cook less frequently once a month is recommended.

Examine the filters to see how dirty they are in an easy manner. If they’re filthy and need to be cleaned then clean it; alternatively, continue to use it for a few days more.

Method: Use caustic soda to clean the chimney

Caustic soda, a tub, heated boiling water, and gloves are all required.

Remove the filters from the chimney first. Also, place these in the tub.

  1. Pour caustic soda over the filters.
  2. Pour boiling water over it. Keep a safe distance from the tub. The vapors from the caustic soda will be released. 4. Soak the filters for 2 to 3 hours in it. When working with caustic soda, wear gloves to avoid chemical burns on your hands.
  3. If necessary, scrub with the scrub brush.
  4. Use water to clean it. And then put the filters back where they belong.

We can clean chimney filters at home using the ways I stated above. However, with time, the inside of the chimney becomes oily and greasy. Professional assistance is required to clean chimneys from the inside.