Best carpet cleaning solution for stairs

Best carpet cleaning solution for stairs

Best carpet cleaning solution for stairs

You can bring warmth and beauty to your interior spaces with the correct carpeting. Carpets also preserve floors and make them easier to clean. Using carpets on staircases, contrary to popular belief, both protects and distinguishes them. These carpets, on the other hand, must be cleaned on a regular basis with appropriate carpet cleaners in order to stay in good shape. We understand how difficult it may be to choose a good carpet cleaner, so we’ve carefully chosen and reviewed a few of the best.

How often should your carpet be cleaned?

According to the Good Housekeeping Institute, you should deep clean all of your carpets once a year. If you have allergies or pets, however, extensive cleaning should be done every six months. If a stain appears on your carpet, fix it right away, especially if it’s a notoriously difficult stain like wine, mustard, or curry.

How do we test?

We put out a pre-measured amount of dirt on carpet, hard floor, and upholstery when testing carpet cleaners at the GHI. The soil is trampled into the floor and allowed to cure overnight. Then we put each carpet cleaning machine through its paces to see how successfully it cleans the unclean area. After use, we determine if the floor is wet, damp, or fully dry. We look at the carpet and upholstery pile to see if it has been restored and elevated, as well as the colour of the carpet and upholstery.

We evaluate how easy the machine is to build.

Vax ECB1SPV1 Platinum Power Max Carpet Cleaner

There isn’t much we don’t like about the Vax ECB1SPV1 Platinum Power Max Carpet Cleaner. On carpets, the performance was outstanding in tests. It was used in conjunction with the Vax Platinum Carpet Wash, and it only took a couple passes over a stain to totally remove it. Overall, the carpet looked and felt cleaner after it was cleaned.

The pre-treatment wand comes in in for targeting stubborn stains, and the 4.6-metre hose makes cleaning the stairs a pleasure. A hard floor cleaning tool is also included, which conveniently attaches to the carpet cleaner’s base and cleans and dries the floor.

Bissell Compact HydroWave 2571E Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell Hydro wave is a wonderful choice for highly carpeted houses because it is more compact than our winning Vax model. We put it to the test using the Express Clean and Deep Clean options. In two sweeps, the former completely eliminated dirt and tea stains, as well as the bulk of our wine stain, whereas the latter completely removed all stains in one.

The head is small enough to easily clean stairwells, ensuring that no carpeted area is left undisturbed. The cleaning solution comes out in a thin stream rather than a large spray, which means it covers a smaller area in one go.

Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro

This huge carpet cleaner is equipped with a variety of handy accessories and is suited for use on carpets, rugs, stairs, and upholstery.

We couldn’t find much to criticize in terms of performance. We put all three of its settings to the test: Express Clean removed stains after several sweeps and is excellent for ordinary grime, but Deep Clean and Max Clean eliminated spots in a single sweep. To protect your carpets, we recommend applying Max Clean only once or twice a year.

Both the upholstery and stair attachments came in handy. The upholstery head did an excellent job washing the sofas and seat cushions, uniformly applying the cleaning solution and readily reaching corners and cracks.

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner

Bissell’s ProHeat 2x Revolution lineup began with this model. It makes quick work of most cleaning jobs, whether you’re cleaning the entire carpet or giving your sofa a much-needed freshen. After a few sweeps, we witnessed fantastic results on our carpet, with roughly 80% of stains eliminated. Deeper stains required a little more attention, but the carpet was left damp rather than wet, and the machine also elevated the carpet pile to make it look brand new.

The portable upholstery attachment is great because it allows you to target the cleaning solution on certain areas, and its design allows you to go straight into cracks and corners for a complete clean.

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

This small portable spot cleaner works wonders on carpet and upholstery, but it’s not the ideal choice for hard surfaces. The tanks, on the other hand, have high capacities, allowing you to clean a broad area before running out of water and cleaning solution.

We especially like the motorized brush head, which digs right into the pile of the carpet. We discovered that practically all stains were eliminated after just a few strokes of the brush, and that the carpet just needed a few more passes to appear like new. Cleaning upholstery is also simple with the brush handle, and the results are good.

Russell Hobbs Aqua RHCC50AS01 Carpet Cleaner

This budget-friendly, lightweight machine is only for carpets and rugs. We were impressed with how efficiently it cleaned filthy carpets, eliminating mud and tea stains with ease. It also left the carpet damp rather than wet, with the pile lifting. The carpet color was kept the same, and the fibers were not matted but rather left separated.

However, it difficult to remove red wine stains, leaving a dark spot after several passes. In order to disperse the cleaning solution, the spray trigger had to be held down very firmly, putting significant strain on the wrist and fingers. It’s a good budget buy, though, and it’ll get the job done.

Cleaning carpeted stairs with large upright carpet cleaners is not recommended. Generally, portable cleaners specialized for spot cleaning do a better job. These are some of the top carpet cleaners on the market. They’re all outfitted with features that will make cleaning a more pleasurable experience.