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Freezing lemons new
All About Tomatoes – Summers Best!
Alternative use for a paper clip
Are you always throwing aways bottles of flat soda? Use this tip and save money:
Brighten up those dull pots and pans using this tip:
Buying wine
Chicken skinning
Clean your copper pans or household items using this tip:
Cleaning out the Fridge
Cleaning Up in the Kitchen
Cookies stay fresher using this tip in the kitchen:
Cure for hard brown sugar
Cut down on your electric bill using this tip:
Cutting tomatoes
Dish towels
Do you have a few pans in your kitchen that are rusty? Use this tip:
Does your favorite dish have a crack in it? Try this tip:
Dried out Cheese
Easier cream whipping
Egg stains on your silverware can be cleaned off quickly using this tip:
Elderberry stains from counter tops
Extinguishing small fires
Fed up with damp salt
Floor cleaning is made easy using this tip:
Four Strategies for Organization in the Kitchen
Freeze fresh fish for a great taste using this tip:
Freeze items to a better effect
Freezer breakdown warning
Freshen vegetables with vinegar
Freshen your lunchbox
Frozen vegetables tips
Fruit stains on fingers
Get rust stains out of your dishwasher using this great tip:
Get the maximum juice from your lemon
Grill. Clean your oven or stove grill
How to deal with Stale bread
Iceberg lettuce storing and serving
If you are grating large amounts of good try this tip:
Is that egg fresh?
Keep a plunger in the kitchen
Keep applesauce fresh
Keep Bread fresher, longer
Keep hard water and lime build up from in your tea kettle using this tip:
Keep milk fresher, longer
Keep your bread box and food containers fresh
Keep your cheese fresher for longer
Keep your fruit fresh
Keep your kitchen gadgets working properly using this tip:
Keep your snacks fresher longer using this tip:
Keeping grapes fresh
Kitchen wrap flap
Learn not to cut yourself using this tip:
Lettuce in your fridge will stay crisp longer using this tip:
Make Giant ice cubes
Make ice cubes in a hurry
Make juice faster
Make Your Kitchen Different
Making Cracker Crumbs
Marshmallow tips
Money saving ways to use your refrigerator or freezer
Old containers
Onions – Green Peppers tips
Packing a Lunch for Dimes
Pineapple cutter
Prevent marks on your copper or teflon pans using this tip:
Prevent mould producing bacteria forming in the kitchen
Problem opening jars?
Prove a frying pan or skillet
Recycle the hard plastic that comes in your bacon package using this tip:
Refrigerator door easier to open
Remove burnt smells from your pans using this tip:
Remove tea stains from your fine china or dishes using this tip:
Run out of cooking oil?
Run out of Ice cream?
Running low on paper towels – use this tip for cleaning your windows:
Save energy by the way you use your dishwasher
Save energy by the way you use your stove or cooker
Save energy in your kitchen using this tip:
Separating the white from the yolks of eggs
Slippery pans
Soften Ice Cream for Scooping
Soften your marshmallows
Solution for Storage Jars
Speed up the defrosting your freezer refrigerator
Stop cookies and cakes going hard
Stop potatoes from budding
Store carrots so they will last longer in your fridge using this tip:
Store your celery sticks longer
Storing and using tomatoes
Storing dried milk or buttermilk
Storing Flour and oatmeal
Storing vegetables
Strawberry containers do have another use:
Stuck toast in your toaster
Tips for Cutting Meat
Tips for dealing with honey
Tips for dealing with tinned food
Transporting iced cakes
Unstick two glasses
Using frozen butter
Using Syrup
Using your coffee or tea maker, learn what to do with excess liquids and save money using this tip:
Washing Spinach
What to do with left over wine
Wide rubber bands from broccoli have additional uses!

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