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A cool way to store putty
A tidy work area is a safe one
Baby proofing cabinets with VELCRO
Blocked or clogged Toilet
Blocking plumbing
Broken chairs
Buy your tools wisely
Carry a large door or rectangular object
Checking a level for level
Chisel storage
Clogged up metal files
Cure for rusty tools
Dissolve rust from bolts and other metals
DIY. 22 DIY tips for the handyman in all of us
Do you need larger rubber bands
Drilling boards
Drilling concrete or masonry
Drilling holes in ceramic
Easy foam rubber cutting
Easy rubber cutting
Emergency cure for dripping tap faucet or ceiling
Extra reach while nailing
Fixing fiberglass
Fixing sinks
Flat pack furniture
Garbage fires
Get some free advice
Giving bricks a facelift
Glass Cutting. Tips for cutting Glass
Hide a hole in linoleum flooring
How to Choose a Contractor
Installing Fiberglass insulation
Keep your silicone sealant – Caulk fresh for longer
Keep your tools shiny
Leakng faucets
Leaky pipe
Loosen stiff drawers
Low water pressure in the shower
Maintain your drains
Make an emergency funnel
Make it easier to drive a screw
Mess when drilling holes in brick walls
Mixing plaster
Nailing into plaster
Nailing long boards
Need an Emergency mallet?
Noisy water pipes
Oiling hinges
Old wicker or cane furniture
Plywood splitting
Quiet Down the Noisy House
Remove a broken light bulb
Remove carpet tape and carpet adhesive from floors
Remove old veneer
Repair a poorly fitting furniture joint
Repairing, filling reinforcing items
Rope ends fraying?
Sanding, smoothing with abrasive paper
Sawing made easy
Scratches in glass
Scratches in light colored furniture
Screen holes
Small leaks
Splitting wood
Squeaky bed springs
Squeaky doors
Stop screws splitting wood
Store your razor blades safely
Swelling Doors
Take great care when using a brad gun
Thaw frozen water pipes
There is space in your Attic
Tight screws
Tip Top Radiators
Tips for hanging pictures
Toilet leak?
Tough screw to undo?
Trouble with your Ball cock
Using Baking Soda as a Fire Extinguisher
Using Glue
What should I have in my toolbox ?
Window insulation
Wooden slats on beds
Working with scaffolding
Wrench too big?

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