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Here is a collection of recent visitors tips that as yet have not been added to other sections.

Bad breath and body odor cured by chlorophyll
Chewing gum removal
Children and Deodorant
Chlorine made it dissapear immediately
Cleaner hands after DIY
Cleaning grubby hands after decorating or gardening
Cleaning onion and fish smells off of hands
Cleaning your hands
Deodorant in 2 easy steps…
Deodorise footwear
Foot odor cure
Get ink off of painted fingernails
Hair rinse
Have smelly shoes?
Homemade Facial Scrub
How to get white shoes kind of clean
Native American hair care
Oily scalp – hair
Paint – Dirty Grease Remover from Hands…
Refilling the printer cartridge with black ink
Remove gum from hair
Remove highlighter from skin
Remove onion and garlic smells
Remove pine sap from the skin
Remove silly putty from hair
Remove the smell of onions
Remove Tree Sap
Remove wood stain from skin
Removing Dirt and Grease from gardening or working on cars
Removing dried paint splatters from skin and clothes
Removing gum from hair.
Removing Nicotine Stains From Your Fingers
Removing pen marks from your skin
Save Your Hand Soap!
Silly Putty in Hair
Smelly feet
Smokers stains on fingers and nails
Smooth skin, and clean hair
Sticky residue left by a plaster
Taking Grease and Dirt off Hands
Temporary teeth whitener
Tip for Soft hands
Using the last of the bar of soap

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