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Adding ‘Dry Gas’ to your cars fuel
Backseat drivers
Car gas and cold winters
Caution when buying a second hand car
Check your tires
Clean Car Chrome
Clean car chrome
Cleaning Car Batteries
Cleaning Cars with Baking Soda
Cleaning white wall tires
Cleaning your car
Clear bugs from your windscreen
Cold Winters… Pack your car for Emergencies
Dents and scratches in car paint
Dry your car after washing
Easy storage of small items in the garage
Emergency Fan belt
Fogged up windows
Pick up that heavy motorbike
Removal of love bugs
Remove road haze from your car windshield with cola
Remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers
Remove tar from car paint
Remove tar splatters
Wash away winter from your car
Washing car windows
Windex to clean car seats

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